Corporate History

All-Track Service was founded in 1968 by two partners, Herman Van Megen and Don Kislanko. Previous to starting their own company, both men worked for "Nodwell" and later for "Flex-Track," which were the developers of tracked vehicles in Western Canada. At that time the demand for tracked vehicles was very high, and production was pressured to keep up. The service and repair of these vehicles was neglected and not treated as a priority, opening a door for a new company. All-Track Service Ltd. was started.

All-Track Service has been through many changes since 1968. The down turns of the economy and the changes of industrial necessity have proven that All-Track can adapt. We have the equipment and the ability to manufacture all aspects of industrial equipment, we can modify and customize tracked vehicles for various purposes and we have a great track record to back this up. All-Track vehicles are proudly in use today in regions ranging from the Canadian Arctic to South America and the Antarctic.




Tracked vehicle AT-150HD




small Tracked vehicle

50GP Locust